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We're big believers in the magic of PLAY. It's the center of a child's world and what they do best. This design serves as a simple reminder that through the fun of play, we can also learn! In the words of our favorite genius Albert Einstein: "Play is the highest form of research." So, let's PLAY!

Our "PLAY" rucksack is a larger bag worn best by BIG boys and is printed in black ink on army green canvas, with a zippered front pouch to carry extra gear for exploring! It has a cinched closure at top, with adjustable straps. Perfect for carrying sports items, hiking gear or LEGO over to a friend's house.

NOTE: This is *NOT* a toddler-sized backpack -- best fit is for 8 years old up to adult -- and can definitely be used by mom or dad to carry little kid items for nature walks, a day at the park, overnights at the grandparents', or as a great diaper bag or daycare essentials' bag!

Dimensions (laid flat, not cinched)

Length: 16.5"
Width: 14.5"